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Umbrella Insurance in Michigan

Michigan Umbrella Insurance Options

You work and work to pay your bills and live financially stable. You have worked to build a little wealth. You have a lovely little house in Michigan and a nice car. Maybe you even have insurance to cover everything you think you need, and you pay your premiums on time. You live as responsibly as you know to and work hard to stay above water.

So, imagine your surprise when an accident occurs, and you find you do not have enough insurance coverage to take care of all the fees and bills involved. You are served a document stating that the injured party is going to sue you in the Michigan court system, and your lawyer tells you that you may lose all you have worked hard to build. In the blink of an eye, your life changed, and all your hard work goes down the drain. You keep wondering what you could have possibly done different that would have changed the outcome, but you cannot think of a thing.

There may have been nothing you could have done to prevent the accident, especially since you cannot see into the future or change the past. However, having umbrella insurance could have prevented you from losing it all. What is umbrella insurance you ask? It is extra protection that goes beyond the limitations or your insurance policy coverage. If you only have insurance to cover $100,000 worth of damages, but the accident caused $500,000 in damages, the umbrella insurance would cover that extra $400,000 instead of you losing everything you own.

You may be wondering who needs umbrella insurance. The answer is simple: anyone who has valuable assets to protect. If you own something of value that can be taken away, umbrella insurance can give you extra peace of mind. Your High Favor Insurance Agent in Royal Oak, MI can help you determine if umbrella insurance is a good option for you. We can help you go through your assets and calculate how much additional insurance you may need. We here at High Favor Insurance in Royal Oak, MI are dedicated to finding you the great coverage you need at a price that fits your budget. Call or stop by today for your no-obligation quote!

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