Seasonal Concerns With Your Auto Insurance Policy

High Favor Insurance in Birmingham, MI is a comprehensive insurance agency that strives to take care of all of your areas of potential liability. In this way, you can go about the business of enjoying and getting the most out of life as opposed to worrying about what may happen. 

Your auto insurance policy does not change season to season and is in force for the entire agreed-upon policy period. That does not mean, however, that there aren’t particular needs to be wary of as the seasons change during the year. We experience the four seasons here in beautiful Michigan, with brutally cold winters.

Snowy Days – In The Elements?

Speak with one of our insurance agents to learn if you should invest in added coverage for the snowy winters. If you are out in the cold more often than normal due to your vocation or lifestyle your automobile is more susceptible to incur liability. This increase is due to the extraordinary use of your car as opposed to most commuters who use their vehicle to get to and from work.  

Spring, Summer, and Fall

Your chosen vocation and lifestyle play a significant role in whether your auto insurance can remain at standard. Using your car for work on rainy spring days or leaf strewn autumn evenings can add to a standard level of risk.   

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