Does Boat Insurance Cover a Boat While in Transit to a Waterway?

Your boat policy from High Favor Insurance may or may not cover your boat while it remains in transit. Whether a policy provides coverage depends on the boat, the policy terms, and whether you added riders.

Here’s a common scenario. You drive from your Birmingham, MI home to a nearby lake to enjoy a day on the water. You tow your boat on a trailer. Your trailer loses a tire, and your boat incurs damage.

Most boat policies cover land transportation for craft less than 30 feet in length. Boats larger than that may receive coverage under the stipulation that the owner hires a professional transportation company to move the boat to the waterway.

Not every policy uses that length as a guideline. Some companies consider a boat to measure 26 feet in length or less, but a yacht to measure 27 feet in length. Although both types of policies come from the same company, the coverages of a boat policy differ from those of a yacht policy.

We say most because every policy differs. That’s why meeting with your insurance agent to review the policy before you purchase it remains a top priority. Underwriters get a say in what a policy contains, so if an area experiences many transportation accidents, that might preclude this coverage from inclusion.

Contact High Favor Insurance for a Boat Policy Review and Update

A rider can add land transportation coverage when it doesn’t automatically appear in the policy. Contact High Favor Insurance for a boat policy review and update. Let us help you insure your boat while in use on the waterways near Birmingham, MI, on the road to the lake, and parked in your driveway or drydock.