What Type of RV Insurance Do I Need?

If you own an RV, you need RV insurance. However, choosing the right type of insurance for your RV can seem overwhelming. At High Favor Insurance in Birmingham, MI, we help our clients choose the right policy. 

Types of RV Insurance Overview

There are three basic types of RV insurance that you may be required to have. These are standard liability, personal injury protection, and collision and comprehensive coverage. 

In addition to these basic types, insurance policies differentiate between part-time and full-time RVers.

Standard Liability

Standard liability insurance is required by law if you have a motorized RV. If you are involved in an accident with another driver, liability coverage will cover the damage to the other vehicle. This typically covers any medical expenses the other driver incurs as well. 

Personal Injury Protection 

Personal injury protection, or PIP, will cover any medical expenses you or your passengers incur in the event of an accident, no matter who is at fault. This provides a safety net in case of an accident.

Like standard liability coverage, PIP coverage is required in Michigan. 

Full Coverage Insurance 

Full coverage insurance includes comprehensive and collision coverage. Collision coverage will cover the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle, even if you are found to be at fault. 

Comprehensive coverage applies to damage to your vehicle, not caused by an accident. For example, a tree falling on your parked car would be covered under comprehensive coverage. 

Comprehensive and collision policies are not required by Michigan law. However, it’s standard for lenders to require you to carry these policies as long as there is a lien on your vehicle. 

RV Insurance With High Favor Insurance

If you are looking for RV insurance in Birmingham, MI, consider High Favor Insurance. We offer RV insurance options to meet many different needs.