Will My Insurance Cover Me If a Driver Is Uninsured?

Like most other states, Michigan requires you to have auto insurance if you plan on driving there. But as with many other laws, just because there’s a rule in place doesn’t mean that everyone you encounter will follow it. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and the law can become involved if someone doesn’t have auto insurance. In scenarios like this, asking if my insurance will cover me if the other driver is uninsured is important. If this is something that you’re curious to know if it happens to you, here’s what you need to know about coverage in areas like Birmingham, MI, and why it’s crucial to get the right coverage with the assistance of High Favor Insurance. 

Believe It or Not, You May Not Be Covered If You Collide With an Uninsured Driver

Michigan has auto insurance laws, but this only requires policies to feature personal injury protection, property protection insurance, and residual liability insurance coverage. Beyond this, things like being covered if you’re involved in an accident where the other party is uninsured or an underinsured driver are not covered. These policy features are optional, meaning you won’t be covered by bare-bones auto coverage. As you shop for auto insurance, keep this in mind and ask for this add-on so that you can have some additional financial support should the other driver not be able to cover the costs of your injuries. 

Streamline Auto Insurance Shopping With High Favor Insurance

Car insurance policies can be complex and nuanced, which is why we’re here to help you better understand and navigate the process of securing the right auto insurance policy. If you live in the Birmingham, MI, area or surrounding areas that we also serve, compare quotes with us today and contact us if you have specific concerns, like which type of optional insurance add-ons you might need!