What protection does renters insurance offer

Whether you have been a renter for years or are a new renter, you may not understand the value renters insurance provides. You may be under the mistaken impression your landlord has insurance that protects you. Landlords protect their buildings, not their tenants. If your rental is damaged all your personal effects could also be damaged or lost. At High Favor Insurance in Birmingham, MI, our experienced team is here to help all of our customers every day with the highest level of service possible. 

Rental insurance offers a variety of different types of coverage. All of them are beneficial. 


Birmingham MI is a pretty safe place to live but theft does happen. If you happen to be on the receiving end of it, your renters’ insurance will help you to replace what was lost. It will even cover items you may have had with you when you are away from home. 

Personal possessions

Your rental is filled with things you own and may cherish. Your furniture, appliances, clothes, electronics, and much more. Losing all of these would be traumatic for anyone and having to replace them out of pocket would be financially devastating. 


You may assume someone visiting you who was injured would be the responsibility of the landlord. Never assume anything. While they are inside of your rental, they are your problem. As a renter, you are just as likely to be sued as anyone else. Rental insurance provides coverage. 

Lose of Use

If something happens to damage your rental so badly you cannot live in it for a period of time, rental insurance will help to pay for a place for you to stay until you can move back. 

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