I never drive my RV. Do I still need recreational insurance?

As a recreational vehicle owner, you may wonder how much insurance you need or if you need insurance at all. Although a recreational vehicle isn’t a conventional car, it’s still a motorized vehicle that shares the road with cars, trucks, and motorcycles. As a result, recreational insurance is a legal requirement. Our team at High Favor Insurance is committed to helping Birmingham, MI recreational vehicle owners understand the insurance requirements for recreational vehicles. 

What is Recreational Insurance?

Recreational insurance is similar to auto insurance in providing liability protection and coverage for any physical damage your recreational vehicle may sustain. An RV is a house on wheels, which makes it a moving vehicle that can be used to navigate the streets and highways alongside cars and other motorized vehicles. As a result, RV owners have the same risks as auto owners when driving. This is why liability coverage is a requirement and possibly coverage for possible physical damage to your RV. Recreational insurance covers recreational vehicles and recreational activities, even if you aren’t in an RV. This insurance can cover campers, motorhomes, snowmobiles, dirt bikes, and ATVs. Like auto insurance, recreational insurance includes any injuries and property damage you may incur while using your recreational vehicle.

I never drive my RV. Do I still need recreational insurance?

RV insurance is a requirement regardless of how frequently you drive your RV. Even if you only use your RV once a year, you must still carry RV insurance. After all, your RV is still a moving vehicle. How much RV insurance you’re required to carry will depend on your unique situation. However, liability coverage is a requirement for all RV drivers. If you have questions about recreational insurance, call us. We’re standing by.