Preparing For Motorcycle Rides This Upcoming Summer

Nothing is more exciting than getting ready for summer rides as a motorcycle rider. With the warmer weather here, you’ll see more riders on the streets of Birmingham, MI. Extra caution is always needed, which is why the professionals at High Favor Insurance are always ready to help with the right insurance policy. Before you hit the open roads this summer, have these things in place to ensure your ride is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Routine Maintenance

Taking care of your bike is always essential, but this summer is even more crucial. With the warmer weather, you can expect more time spent on the road and less time-making repairs. It’s also much safer with a well-maintained motorcycle. Below are some basic maintenance tips for the summer season.

  • Engine fluids– Check or change your oil. Changing the oil and filter regularly gives you better riding performance.
  • Air filter– Replace the air filter for better fuel efficiency.
  • Tires- Check the tires’ tread depth and replace them if necessary.
  • Brakes and battery– inspect the brakes and battery. If they need to be replaced, do it before the summer season starts.

Brush Up On Defensive Driving Habits

As a motorcyclist, it’s always important to remember defensive driving habits. Don’t assume that other drivers always see you, obey the speed limits, and avoid quick lane changes. These habits will keep you safe on the road, even during busy times. If you’re a new rider, taking a defensive driving course to learn more doesn’t hurt. Regardless of your experience level, staying vigilant while riding is important.

High Favor Insurance will love to help if you want to know more about motorcycle insurance in Birmingham, MI. Don’t hesitate to call us if you’re going to get an estimate.