Understanding Liability Coverage for Renter’s Insurance

If you’re renting a home or condo in Birmingham, MI, don’t neglect the benefits that renter’s insurance has to offer. Renter’s insurance from High Favor Insurance protects you against property damage and liability claims that may arise due to mishaps on your rental property. It doesn’t take much for an accident to happen. Liability protects you against slip and falls, kitchen accidents, dog bites, and other accidents that cause injuries or damage to someone’s property. Here’s what to expect from renter’s liability coverage in Birmingham, MI.

Financial Protection for Liability Claims

Personal liability insurance is an essential part of your renter’s policy. It protects you against accidental injuries or property damage to others when people visit your property. If a friend trips on your dog and falls down the stairs, you can be held responsible for his medical costs. Liability insurance protects you financially by paying your friend’s medical expenses. If your friend was carrying their laptop at the time and it gets damaged or destroyed in the fall, liability insurance will help pay for its repair or replacement cost.

Liability coverage protects you against accidents inside your rental home as well as in the yard or driveway. It covers accidents you or your children may cause while playing sports or incidents that may occur during a party. It also includes incidents involving your pet, such as dog bites.

Financial Protection for Lawsuits

If an accident leads to a lawsuit, renter’s liability insurance will help cover your legal costs and settlement, if you lose your case, up to the limits of your policy. Liability coverage only protects you against accidental mishaps, not events that are intentional.

To learn more about renter’s liability coverage and all that it has to offer, call, or visit High Favor Insurance in Birmingham, MI today.