How Does Comprehensive Coverage Help When You Aren’t on the Road?

Many people do not consider the many things that can happen to a vehicle when it is parked. While you are protected by liability and collision coverage when you are on the road, you may not have comprehensive coverage to protect your car when it is not in use.

High Favor Insurance, which serves Birmingham, MI, understands the many benefits of comprehensive coverage. Here’s how you can protect your vehicle when it is not on the road.


If your vehicle is stolen, you may be able to have it covered via comprehensive coverage insurance policies. Collision and liability policies do not typically cover theft.


Was your car vandalized by somebody who was mad at you? The damage may be covered by a comprehensive policy. The same applies if somebody sets your vehicle on fire or if your vehicle is damaged as part of a civil disturbance, like a protest.

Damage Caused By Animals

While most people think of animals damaging their car while driving the vehicle on the road, animals can also damage a car when it is parked. For instance, a deer could run into the side of your vehicle when it is in your driveway.

Natural Disaster

Natural disasters, like tornadoes, hurricanes, and falling objects, are all potentially included in a comprehensive plan. Make sure to read your policy carefully to know that the common natural disasters in your area will be covered.

Comprehensive Coverage Protects Your Vehicle

When you are not driving, you can count on comprehensive coverage for more protection. If you still have questions about comprehensive coverage in Birmingham, MI, contact High Favor Insurance for more information.